Olympic Weightlifting

Olympic Weightlifting or just "Weightlifting" encompasses the snatch and clean and jerk. Both of these lifts are extremely technical and offer a high degree of difficulty. Beginners start with a PVC pipe and tons of reps to learn the basic positions of each lift. Our coaches top priority is safety and being comfortable before moving on to weighted lifts. 


Each class will have different exercises to increase strength, mobility and technique with both of these lifts. Different types of squats and dead-lifts are covered to gain overall strength that aid in both of the lifts as well. This class is highly suggested for people that enjoy barbell weightlifting and are looking for a challenge! It also a phenomenal option for athletes to build strength, power and explosiveness. 

Olympic Weightlifting Instructors


Benefits of Olympic Weightlifting

  • Develop speed, flexibility and coordinated, total-body strength and muscle.

  • Technical aspects of the sport develop more mental and motor skills than regular free-weight lifting
  • Increased Body Awareness
  • Morning, Afternoon & Evening Class Options
  • State of the Art Facility
  • 2000 Square Feet of Turf 

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