Youth Classes

Kids MMA (Ages 4-7)

Our Kids MMA program focuses on 5 key points

  • Teamwork
  • Discipline
  • Focus
  • Respect
  • Responsibility

Each class we touch on one of these key points through fun drills that teach basic martial art techniques and give a great workout. But our focus above all else, is that your kids have fun!

Youth MMA (Ages 8-13)

Our Youth MMA program seeks to instill confidence, respect and discipline through martial arts techniques and drills. Basic Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will be the main focus points of the program. Many of the techniques we cover will give kids the tools to build confidence and prepare them for any self defense situation they may encounter. 

Youth Strength & Conditioning            (Ages 12-18)

Youth Strength and Conditioning aims to help develop the athleticism of every young athlete. We build upon the foundations of movement and progress each athlete using the core lifts, plyometric exercises and conditioning methods. We look to address strength, speed, agility, conditioning, and mobility.