Nutrition & Personal Training

Instructor Profile

Originally from Romania, Alex has been a sports fanatic from an early age. From age six, boxing and kickboxing to Rugby from age 12. His passion for Rugby led him to play professionally with the Buzau Oaks in Romania for five years and to ultimately win the Division 1 championship. For 15 years, sports performance has been a part of his life and he has worked the last 11 as a Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach and sports nutritionist. 


Alex has helped lead professional athletes from a multitude of sports including Division 1 Soccer and Rugby, to Professional Fighters and the every day gym warrior to have better, healthier, leaner and more energetic lives. Alex has had the privilege to learn under industry leaders in the world of Nutrition, Sports Performance and Rehab such as Charles Poliquin, Andre Benoit, Dr Robert Donatelli, Dr John Berrardi and many more. Alex is very excited to share his nutritional knowledge and coaching experiences gained by working with clients around the globe with you and Evolution Athletix.

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