Instructor Profile

Greg Panora is a professional powerlifter and coach. His professional powerlifting career has spanned 18 years and produced 7 world records via a 1,060lb squat, 825lb bench press, and 825lb deadlift in multi-ply gear at 242lbs bodyweight. Greg also has the distinction of being the only lifter with top 10 totals in muti-ply, single-ply and raw without wraps. Greg spent most of his competitive career at Westside Barbell under the famous coach Louie Simmons, where his name can still be seen on the record board. Greg currently trains under coach of the year, Swede Burns, using the 5th set method. Greg is currently a full time powerlifting coach and founder and owner of “Team Panora.” His team has roughly 200 lifters and can be found in all parts of the world. He coaches lifters of all levels, from beginners to world class and currently has the top seminar tour in the country, along with Swede Burns, preaching the 5th set training method. Greg’s training centers around long term progress by working technique, building muscle mass, and staying uninjured.

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