Jessica Weiss

Indoor Cycling

Instructor Profile

"I started my cycling trek 4 years ago due to a knee injury. I assumed it was something I would stick with only through my recovery, but as it turned out, it became my therapy and how I coped with every day stress. I stumbled into instructing indoor cycling 2 years ago as a sub when the instructor was unable to attend class and it ended up leading into teaching classes 3 times week.

I also have taught HIIT, Tabata and kettlebell classes as well. When I’m not at the gym working out or teaching, I’m a mom to a 20 year old, who is finishing up her second year of college. I am also a full time design engineering specialist for a telecommunications company out of Portland.

I’m fully aware that trying to balance family, work and self can be a difficult task, but I found incorporating a healthy lifestyle into my daily routine helps me to tackle every day life in a more positive and rewarding way. My hope is to share my love of fitness and cycling, in hopes that it will inspire and motivate even a single person to, not only ‘get moving’ but to have that much needed ‘me’ time..."

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