Class Schedule

          RED= Fitness Class  BLUE= MMA Class ORANGE= Youth/Kids Class


1-4 Class Cardio Difficulty Rating System= Least Difficult / =Most Difficult]


1- Your heart rate won't go past 80% of max very often. These classes are not cardio intensive and can be completed by all fitness levels fairly easily.

2- You can expect to break a sweat and be breathing heavy at times. You'll definitely be sore after your workout but you won't be drenched in sweat! 
3- You're working hard now. Expect to be pushing towards max heart rate often and incorporating full body exercises. You might be feeling this one for a few days after.


4- Bring lots of water, make sure you had food a couple hours before working out, because you're gonna need all the energy you can get. You're going to be pushing towards your max heart rate for the majority of class. Any combination of calisthenics, weights, and high intensity interval training will be used to get you there! 


5:15AM \\ Cardio Kickboxing       [2]

4:00PM \\ Powerlifting      [2]

4:30PM \\ Youth Kickboxing (8-13)

6:00PM \\ Spin       [3]

6:00PM \\ Beginner BJJ

6:30PM \\ Beginner Boxing




9:00AM \\ Kettlebell Bootcamp   [2]

12:00PM \\ Cardio Kickboxing     [2]

4:30PM \\ Youth Strength & Conditioning (12-18)

4:30PM \\ Submission Grappling

5:00PM \\ Fighter Fit     [4]

5:30PM \\ Olympic Weightlifting

6:00PM \\ Intermediate Boxing 




5:15AM \\ Spin     [3]

9:00AM \\ Bootcamp [3]

4:00PM \\ Powerlifting    [2]

4:00PM \\ Kids MMA (4-7)

4:30PM \\ Youth Kickboxing (8-13)

5:15PM \\ Kids Strength & Speed

5:30PM \\ Beginner BJJ

5:30PM \\ Takedowns & Transitions

6:30PM \\ Women's Cardio Kickboxing  [3]






5:15AM \\ Circuits    [2]

9:00AM \\ Kettlebells    [2]

4:30PM \\ Youth Strength & Conditioning (12-18)

5:45PM \\ Fighter Fit   [4]

6:45PM \\ Beginner Kickboxing




5:15AM \\ TRX Bootcamp [4]

9:00AM \\ Cardio Kickboxing    [3]

4:00PM \\ Powerlifting   [2]

4:00PM \\ Kids MMA (4-7)

4:30PM \\ Youth Kickboxing (8-13)

5:00PM \\ Barbell Bootcamp    [4]

5:00PM \\ Submission Grappling

6:00PM \\ Beginner BJJ




9:00AM \\ Kettlebell Bootcamp [4]
9:00AM \\ Law Enforcement Combatives


7:00AM \\ Cardio Kickboxing     [3]

8:00AM \\ Submission Grappling

9:30AM \\ Bootcamp    [1]

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